Exempt Vehicles

Vehicles with exempt plates are not necessarily exempt from paying tolls. State law, bond covenants and North East Texas Regional Mobility Authority policy limit toll free travel to the following:

Emergency and Military Vehicles

  • Fire department and police vehicles, public or private ambulances, municipal department or public service corporation emergency vehicles
  • Private vehicles of volunteer firefighters or certified emergency medical services employees or volunteers when responding to a fire alarm or medical emergency
  • Industrial emergency response vehicles when responding to an emergency
  • Vehicles of blood or tissue banks when making deliveries of blood, drugs, medicines, or organs

Public Transportation Vehicles

  • Public transportation vehicles owned or operated by the Tyler Transit with a capacity of 16 or more individuals.
  • Toll payment is required of all other government vehicles. If you’ve received a bill for a vehicle that you believe qualifies for an exemption as described above, please complete the document below and forward to:

Click here to download Non-revenue User Agreement

Northeast Texas Regional Mobility Authority
1001 ESE Loop 323, Suite 420
Tyler, TX 75701

Or fax to: 903.630.9111

In addition to the completed forms, please include a fleet list in Excel format that includes license plate numbers and issuing states. If you need to update an established account, then please email the additions or deletions only.

In both cases, an email will be sent confirming that all related toll bills/violation notices have been dismissed once your request has been processed.

For more information please contact 903-630-7894.