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Toll 49 Information

Segment #1

Toll 49 – Segment 1 extends from SH 155 easterly to US 69, a distance of approximately 5.0 miles. Construction on this segment was completed in August 2006, and it opened to traffic as a Toll Road in November, 2006. Segment 1 opened as the first total Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) road in Texas.

Segment #2

Toll 49 – Segment 2 extends from US 69 easterly to FM 756 (Paluxy Road), a distance of approximately 2.0 miles. Construction on this segment was completed in late 2007. The roadway was opened to traffic in January 2008, and tolling was initiated in March 2008.

Segment #3

Toll 49 Segment 3A extends from SH 155 northwesterly to SH 31, a distance of approximately 6.6 miles.

In March 2009, Toll 49 Segment 3A received approval from the Texas Transportation Commission to receive funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) through the Federal government.

This segment was designed by the NET RMA’s General Engineering Consultant, Atkins and was let for construction by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) in June 2009. Longview Bridge and Road, Ltd. was awarded the project. for the bid price of approximately $38 million.

Construction on this segment was completed as of November 9, 2012 with Toll 49 – Segment 3A opening to traffic as a Toll Road.

Toll 49 Segment 3B was delivered using the Design-Build development concept. This segment extends from SH 31 north to I-20, a distance of approximately 10.2 miles.  CH2M Hill, the Design-Build developer, was selected in June 2010.

The NET RMA received funding for Toll 49 Segment 3B through a State Infrastructure Bank Loan and a Toll Equity Loan provided by TxDOT.

Construction took approximately 22 months, with Toll 49 – Segment 3B opening to traffic as a Toll Road on March 28, 2013.

Segment #4

Toll 49 – Segment 4 was opened for traffic in November 2018. This project was originally developed by TxDOT as a relief route for the community of Lindale. Segment 4 extends from I-20 north to US 69 above Lindale.

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